Meet The Team

Here are some of the people responsible for bringing Tales From Shaolin: Part One – Shakey Dog to life.


Actor, Executive Producer, and Casting Director Stephen Hill not only lent a magnetic presence to his role as “Ghost”, but was instrumental in bringing Tales From Shaolin to life. A Hampton alum and NYC resident, Stephen has appeared in Law & Order: SVU, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Boardwalk Empire, and Marvel’s Luke Cage and is currently filming Widows with Academy Award winning director Steve McQueen.


Dominique Antonio Spencer co-stars as the unassuming loose-cannon “Frank”. Starting as “Featured Extra” in 2007’s Step Up 2: The Streets, Dominique furiously took to acting, garnering dozens of roles in a few short years. Just last year saw the release of four short films, including festival darling The Infinitely Generous Francis Victus.


A quickly rising talent best known for her roles in Marvel’s Luke Cage and Queen Sugar, NYC native Ninja Devoe plays the ferocious “Lolita”.


Philly based actor, singer, and musician Angel Sanchez plays “Joel”. Angel is a frequent collaborator with Tony Cruz, appearing in Cruz’s Sell Out as well upcoming horror short A Place To Rest Your Feet.


Clinton Lowe is a NYC resident and University of New York Purchase graduate who studied the Meisner Technique at The William Esper Studio. Clinton lists the award winning FX series Louie, acclaimed drama Rescue Me, and Ridley Scott’s American Gangster. He plays the role of “Greenman”.


“Scarface” is played by Chicago native Nasser Metcalfe. The actor, comedian, and writer was a friend and protégé of the late comic legend Bernie Mac and studied Theater in Morehouse before coming on to appear in films like The Bourne Legacy and My Brother.


Co-founder of Los Banditos Productions, Tony Cruz is a writer, director, and producer out of Philadelphia. A frequent collaborator with Angel Sanchez, Tony has been known to appear in front of the camera as well, such as in his TV movie Sell Out. Here he plays the role of “Skinny Boy”.


While he may be more known as an enigmatic hip hop super producer (working with the likes of P. Diddy, Nas, and 50 Cent) than an actor, Dorsey “Megahertz” Wesley lends a hilarious performance in his cameo as “Shaft”.


Executive Producer and Stunt Coordinator Jeremy Sample is an accomplished actor and stunt coordinator out of New York City. With a BA from Notre Dame and a Master’s from George Washington, Jeremy also boasts professional sword, stunt driving, and MMA training, which is why he’s done stunt work on everything from Selma to 22 Jump Street to Master of None, Luke Cage, and the upcoming Black Panther. Jeremy has also flexed his acting muscle in works such as Luke CageJessica Jones, Person of Interest, Gotham, and The Get Down.


Fight Choreographer Hans Marrero has spent his whole life in combat sports. The son of two Marines (one of which was Chief Instructor of hand-to-hand combat at Paris Island), Hans began his martial arts training at age 4 and never looked back. With a professional fighting career that boasts a 13-3 kickboxing, 9-4 boxing, 26-8 MMA record, Hans easily transitioned his talents to film and television, landing roles in films such as Creed and Warrior, and an ever-growing list of stunt credits ranging from Captain America: Civil War and Netflix’s Marvel series (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist) to Key and Peele comedy Keanu.


Stunt Trainer Dwayne A. Thomas is an artist in every sense of the word – a talented illustrator, poet, painter, and photographer, Dwayne can also be found writing and recording music when not performing on stage or in front of the camera. Behind the camera Dwayne is a true auteur – producing, directing, filming, editing, and typically performing in the pieces he pens himself. He has done sound and stunt work on other projects, however, and boasts The Americans, The Knick, and Blue Bloods among his acting credits.


Cinematographer Matthew Heymann is a Brooklyn-based artist. From the oil fields of West Texas to the streets of Havana, Matthew has been filming, documenting, and traveling all over the world in search for stories to tell and images to capture. His recent achievements include commercial work for Kind Bars, The Remarkable Story of Ernestine Shepard, a short film which recently won him an award for Achievement in Cinematography at the First Run Film Festival.


As the brain behind Rebel! Stricker Campaign, graphic designer and visual artist Brian Koenig has been instrumental in crafting the aesthetic of Tales From Shaolin. From designing the title, to the color palette, to all promotional materials and artwork, Brian’s signature style can be seen all throughout the project.


Haftom Khasai is an award-winning documentarian and recent University of Penn grad whose inquisitive mind and wide-ranging talents have made him a jack-of-all-trades within the budding production company. An accomplished director in his own right, Haftom boasts the documentary Legacy of Courage, as well as features Cafe Artist and F. Godfather.


Jake Summers & Eno Noziroh are a prolific music production team out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Jake, a graduate of Ohio’s Recording Workshop, worked as production director for West Chester University’s radio station, as well as West Chester’s 91.7 WCUR – The Curve, before taking his current role as Co-CEO of Trademark Copyright Records, where he now works alongside such artists as Eno Noziroh and Verny Mack. As the founding member of the Crash Dummies Collective and creator of the Crash Dummies Theory, Eno has made quite a name for himself in the hip hop community for his diverse flow and dense lyrics, which has earned him the praise of critics such as 2 Dope Boyz, while Verny produces beats for nearly all their projects.


After discovering Tales From Shaolin through a Facebook ad, Hip Hop producer Wino Willy reached out to Executive Producer J. Michael Neal for the opportunity to contribute to the project. Little did either of them know that this would lead to a reunion of sorts, as Wino and Eno had collaborated in the past during their time at Howard University, but never actually met face to face. Now the two are working together again, providing music for Shakey Dog.


Storyboardist Phillip Bastien is a writer, director, and visual artist from Toronto, Canada. While he has worked on student productions such as The First Time, Expiration, Goldfish, and Sona, it was his vast collection of original, feature-length screenplays and accompanying storyboards that made him an invaluable collaborator with 1193 Productions LLC.


Executive Producer Marquette Jones is an alumni of New York University’s Film and Television Production graduate program. Her directing work includes Round On Both Sides, Tunk, Heroes Wanted,  Streets 2 Suites, Forgiving Christ Brown, and the upcoming After the Jump. As a producer, Marquette’s credits include Andrea Williams’ Spoonful of Sugar, Alrick Brown’s Adventures of Supernigger, and Tamika Guishard’s Jackie.


Director and Producer Louis A. Moore and Writer and Producer J. Michael Neal are creative partners and founders of 1193 Productions, LLC. The duo have been working with Stephen Hill and Janie McFadden for the past two years to bring Tales From Shaolin to life. While Louis has taken a hand in all aspects of post-production, from editing to sound mixing, J. Michael has shifted towards social media managing and marketing, executive producing the short’s accompanying albums, behind the scenes material, merchandising, and crowdfunding campaign.