Watch The Entire First Half of Shakey Dog TV

In honor of Tales From Shaolin: Part One – Shakey Dog‘s premiere week we are making the first half of Shakey Dog TV, the behind the scenes visual album series, available to all! Get a closer look at the making of this extraordinary project and some of the people who’ve brought it to life, including Stephen Hill, Dominique Antonio Spencer, Ninja Devoe, and Louis Moore.


EP 1 – “Luxury”

In this first episode, we join the cast and crew as they celebrate wrapping production on location in Bushwick, Brooklyn while co-lead Stephen Hill (Ghost) gives a healthy round of shout-outs as he tells the stories behind some of the film’s wardrobe choices.

EP 2 – “Gritty”

Enter the Ninja – in this episode, Ninja Devoe (Lolita) makes a guest appearance during Stephen Hill’s (Ghost) interview, while back in Philly Jake Summers begins scoring the film.

EP 3 – “Chop Chop”

When Wino Willy approached 1193 Productions with a desire to contribute to the project, he sent several beats based off Executive Producer and Writer J. Michael Neal’s descriptions of the next installment. This video, based off the pre-viz choreographed by Hans Marrero and performed by his Cinematic Fight Studio team, sets an earlier incarnation of Lolita and Frank’s climatic battle to Wino’s unlikely fight score, creating a hauntingly beautiful struggle of life and death and a glimpse at a version of the scene that almost was.

EP 4 – “Starry Knight, The Sword of the Stranger”

Director Louis Moore and Stephen Hill (Ghost) discuss the underappreciated legacy of Kid n’ Play before going into the history of the Ghost’s iconic P.L.O. scarf.

EP 5 – “The Ballad of Frank”

Co-Lead Dominique Antonio Spencer sits down to a cold prop before a weekend’s worth of fight work.

EP 6 – “Black Caesar (In North Philly)”

Ninja Devoe (Lolita) defends Director Louis Moore’s honor during this final part of Stephen Hill’s (Ghost) interview with Haftom Khasai.

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