Watch The First Two Episodes of Shakey Dog TV Here


To mark the acceptance of Tales From Shaolin: Part One – Shakey Dog into the D.C. Black Film Festival, we are making the first two episodes of the behind the scenes visual album Shakey Dog TV available to everyone! The next eight will still remain exclusive to our Seed & Spark supporters until the Fall, but now everyone can get a glimpse at 1193 Productions and what we’ve been working on with our fantastic team!

EP 1 – Luxury

In this first episode, we join the cast and crew as they celebrate wrapping production on location in Bushwick, Brooklyn while co-lead Stephen Hill (Ghost) gives a healthy round of shout-outs as he tells the stories behind some of the film’s wardrobe choices.

EP 2 – Gritty

Enter the Ninja – in this episode, Ninja Devoe (Lolita) makes a guest appearance during Stephen Hill’s (Ghost) interview, while back in Philly Jake Summers begins scoring the film.

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