The Moment Is Here: Film Festival Announcements & World Premiere Information

Things have been quiet on the social media front, but not behind the scenes! We’ve been tirelessly working over the past 9 months to finish the project, and are proud of the final results. Now that we are in the final days of post-production, we can finally make some major announcements!

The biggest of these announcements is that Shakey Dog has not only been accepted into NYC’s Hip Hop Film Festival, but Philadelphia’s own Blackstar as well! This means that our labor of love will have its world premiere the weekend of August 3rd-6th when it debuts simultaneously in the two cities nearest and dearest to the project!

HHFF 2017 Official Selection Laurel

The New York City screening will be on Saturday August 5th at 9:30PM. The exact date and time of the Philly premiere will be announced next week. Mark your calendars and plan according! Passes for each festival can be found here and here.

To make this announcement even more momentous, we are up for two awards in New York – Best Actor for Stephen Hill’s portrayal of Ghost and Best of the Festival! It is a tremendous honor to be nominated and we wish the best of luck to everyone in the running!

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