Shakey Dog Campaign Incentive Spotlight

We are in the last stretch of our Seed & Spark crowdfunding campaign and we have to say – thank you! From the bottom of our hearts – THANK YOU! Going into this we had no idea what to expect or what kind of response we’d get from the internet once our project went into the wild. All we knew was we loved it and poured our hearts and souls into this, so it’s been amazing to watch it resonate with others! So we’d like to take a moment to highlight some of the rewards and stories behind them…


Working with our partners at Rebel! Sticker Campaign on our poster, shirt, album cover designs, and stickers was a dream come true – we’ve been fans of Brian Koenig’s work for years, and his unique vision was a perfect fit for this project. The way he juxtaposes images from pop culture, comics, anime and manga, B-movies, and Asian cinema was the perfect look for our wild blend of influences. We couldn’t be happier with how this collaboration turned out and can’t wait to see what direction they take the project in the future!

Coming together with Jake Summers and Eno Noziroh of Trademark Copyright Records on Music Inspired by Tales From Shaolin was an incredible experience. Working with them became top priority after hearing the single for “All That”, and what started as a request for a simple mixtape turned into both an ambitious concept album and an original film score that is utterly transformative. We will happily promote this EP over the coming months, and are already hard at work expanding it into a full album in time for Shakey Dog‘s completion next year.


1193 Productions, LLC. isn’t afraid to intertwine our politics with our brand, and the same can be said for Riot Alliance, which donates 10% or more of all total sales towards social justice-related projects, youth arts workshops, and community organizations that often struggle for operational funding. It’s an honor to have a custom set of earrings made exclusively for Shakey Dog, and we hope that featuring their jewelry in the short itself will increase the profile of this socially-conscious local business!


Another company who’s never shied away from letting their brand reflect their politics is Rainbow Alternative, who have been serving the LGBTQ community and its allies since 2008. The Philly-based purveyors of pop-culture apparel have made quite a name for themselves throughout the years, and it has been an honor to include them among our supporters. With a selection of handmade street and fan art that spans the 80’s to the present, one would be hard-pressed not to find something to spend their $5 off of $25 or more coupon code on.


Night Owl Designs is another company whose deep-dive into 80’s and 90’s pop culture has always been near and dear to our hearts! It was only natural to approach them for this project and we are eternally grateful for the unique Sanford and Son buttons they’ve contributed to the campaign. We can’t wait to wear them ourselves!


One idea we absolutely wanted for Tales From Shaolin was trading cards, and illustrator Dave Proch immediately sprung to mind when it came time to tap someone for Series One. Not only is the Philly native an acclaimed comic artist whose work we’ve been a fan of for some time, but he’s also one of the biggest Hip Hop fans we know! His deep love, and encyclopedia knowledge, of all things old school (especially the works of the Wu) made this collaboration a no-brainer. Given Garbage Pail KidsYo! MTV Raps, and 90’s X-Men action figure trading cards as inspiration, we can’t wait to see what Dave does with it and plans for Series Two are already underway!


Our collaboration with local artist Kristy Munday has been incredibly fruitful! When the local illustrator, print maker, and bookbinder offered to lend her talents to the campaign, it didn’t take long to come up with some truly inspired ideas! The first was journals to be used by cast and crew during production and given as unique incentives to the Shakey Dog‘s most devoted supporters. Offering fans an unfiltered, behind the scenes look at the creative process is important to us, and this seemed like an idea that could grow with us throughout the years. For this first round of journals actor and executive producer Stephen Hill, actor Dominique Antonio Spencer, cinematographer Matt Heymann, assistant Haftom Khasai, and writer and executive producer J. Michael Neal have all volunteered to give fans a peak behind the curtain.


We also had the idea of combining Kristy’s talents with that of  friend and collaborator Tony Cruz of Los Banditos Pictures. As a filmmaker Tony exemplifies the DYI attitude that marks 1193 Productions, LLC. and its affiliates. As an artist he captures one of the essential elements of Hip Hop culture – graffiti, so this seemed like the perfect fit for our Shakey Dog campaign. We wanted to offer this one of a kind collection of Tales From Shaolin inspired designs to our biggest financial supporter.


Writer and illustrator Phillip Bastien‘s involvement with 1193 Productions, LLC. has been instrumental to Tales From Shaolin thus far. It is his amazing storyboards for the shootout sequence that caps off Shakey Dog which we were essentially raising funds to produce, after all, so offering a glimpse of his outstanding work was the first incentive we planned. Collecting the entire sequence into a single one-of-a-kind hardcover, like so much of what we’ve accomplished so far, began as a “what if…”, but quickly turned into reality upon meeting Kristy. Like so many of the awards we’ve created, this is something to truly be cherished.


It was a real treat to get leather-worker Mike Annunizata to contribute to the campaign. While he can often be found toiling away on bags, holsters, book covers, belts, or whatever other amazing idea crosses his mind in his spare time, he shys away from commission pieces. For him, working with leather isn’t a source of income or recognition, but a labor of love he pursues with reverence and passion. So for his involvement, we wanted to creating something truly inspired. The idea came from thinking about one of the most iconic items in Pulp Fiction. We decided to invest in the future of Tales From Shaolin ourselves, and design an incentive setting up for a chapter of the series that could be years off – a true reward for those who invested in our company at our earliest stages.

We could not be prouder of the work we’ve accomplished this year, and offer the deepest thanks goes to everyone who has brought us here – from our incentive partners, to those of you who have already supported our campaign with your dollars or your shares. You have until September 13th to contribute to the campaign and get your hands on these items and more. If you’ve missed your chance, you can still show that #blackdreamsmatter by spreading the word and keeping an eye on us in the future! We are only getting started, and 2017 will bring many surprises from 1193 Productions, LLC.

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