Music Inspired By Tales From Shaolin Release and Album Release Party

UPDATED: 8/23 The moment is here! We’ve talked about our collaboration with Trademark Copyright Records since the start of the campaign. Now you can get to find out exactly what Jake Summers, Eno Noziroh, and J. Michael Neal have been in the lab working on!

1193 Productions, LLC. and Trademark Copyright Records are proud to present Music Inspired by Tales From Shaolin! This unique project was crafted by Eno and Jake at TMC Record’s Philadelphia studio. Mixed and mastered by Summers and featuring production by Verny Mack, with appearances by SashaRae, Human Being, Joe Swisher, Karate Mal, and Eno himself, this was originally conceived as an exclusive incentive before it was decided that it was just too good to keep that hidden…

If you already supported the campaign, then you received a private link to an early release copy of the album this week. Everyone else had to wait for it to drop via iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify today. Any additional tracks released for the project will only be offered to those who have purchased the Standard Edition Package. Those who missed their change will have to wait until Shakey Dog is complete and we release the full LP. So if you want to keep getting early access, visit our Seed & Spark page and find out how.

Similarly, we are planning an album release party and live performance for September right here in Philadelphia, PA. Backers will receive guest passes and a spot on the VIP list – everyone else will have to pay a cover at the door. Trust us when we say you’re going to want to be part of this exclusive event. Details will remain closely under wraps until the date, but 1193 and TMC are pulling out all the stops for this celebration and you’ll want to be a part of it!

So grab some headphones, lay down, and enjoy the moment…

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