Lights! Cameras! Shakey! Tales From Shaolin is A-Go!


Hey Seed and Spark, missed us? I know we dropped off the front page for a while, but now that we SMASHED our goal with 26 days still left maybe we can get some love again? That’s right! Thanks to Executive Producers Jeremy Sample (The Breaks, Luke Cage, 22 Jump Street, Selma, Master of None) and Shakey Dog’s own Stephen Hill, is now WELL over our goal and climbing!


Do you know what this means? It means we did it! It means that #BlackDreamsMatter! It means that our plans worked! IT MEANS SHAKEY DOG GOT THE GREEN LIGHT! We are organizing our first official, full power huddle as we speak and are finalizing the album release party for September 2nd.

But don’t stop supporting the campaign! For starters we still have VERY LIMITED and EXCLUSIVE crowdfunding incentives left! These will ONLY be made available during this campaign, and when the supplies are exhausted, or after September 13th. Once we move on to Part 2 in 2017 and beyond, we will move onto all new shirt, sticker, and poster designs by Rebel!, new buttons by Night Owl, new music by Jake and Eno, volume two of the trading cards, an entirely NEW selection of journals from different people, and GOD knows whatever absolutely incredible things we can pull off next after Shakey Dog has done the festival circuit (hint hint) and we come back to regroup and start Part Two! We’re already started work on a few surprises you’ll definitely want to be a part of!

This leads us to the second reason to continue to support our campaign – finishing Part One is only the beginning! The money raised by this campaign will serve two primary purposes – finishing the final scene and to cover legal fees for any clearance issues regarding the dialogue. The bigger our final budget, the better the apartment shootout, the bigger we can go with the release, and the more ability we have to ensure the continued success of the rest of the project! We have a 10 year plus plan for where we are taking this that only a very select few are aware of at this point. But trust me when I say – you wanna see where we’re going with this!

This campaign, this entire project, has been a labor of love put together by dedicated, talented artists who believe in what they are doing, believe in this collaboration, believe in Tales From Shaolin, and believe in 1193! This is ONLY the beginning! And with the support of people like YOU we are going to take this world by STORM! Dreams are worth pursuing! Black Dreams Matter!

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