Thermal Soundwaves Interview: We talk fashion, day jobs, John Leguizamo, Spike Lee, WWE, Greek plays, Tarantino, video games, and Shakespeare

The guys over at Thermal Soundwaves had the honor of doing the 1193 Team’s first live radio interview. It went pretty great* in our opinion (*despite mispronouncing the last name of my man Eno Nozrioh, my bad, homie.) We could have been on that mic all day talking art, talking what where going, shooting the shit.It was a great time and the host were super chill to talk to. I fuks wit us after hearing this interview. Not many Negro can go from breaking down Shakespeare and the Lysistrata one minute to WWE Virgil and tying to stay fresh in the summer heat?


Thank you Harlem! It was worth one night of homelessness to do the interview!

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