Music Inspired By Tales From Shaolin

Ross Ellis 12" 3mm 11073

1193 Productions, LLC. and Trademark Copyright Records are proud to announce Music Inspired By Tales From Shaolin. This unique collaboration boasts five tracks executive produced by Jake Summers, Eno Noziroh, and J. Michael Neal and recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jake Summers in TMC Record’s Philadelphia studio. Featuring production by Verny Mack and appearances by SashaRae, Human Being, Joe Swisher, Karate Mal, and Eno himself, this five track mixtape was originally designed to be an exclusive incentive for Tales From Shaolin: Part One – Shakey Dog‘s crowdfunding campaign. However, as the project took on a life of its own, it was decided to release the promotional album on iTunes and Spotify and instead roll out exclusive tracks to contributors as they are recorded much in the same way Kanye West did with his recent The Life of Pablo. While these bonus tracks are still being kept under wraps, the official tracklist for the record is as follows:



Written by- Eno Noziroh, SashaRae. Vocals-SashaRae, Eno Noziorh. Produced by- Verny Mack. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jake Summers.

Inspired by the idea that life is a never ending battle. The indifference in the soothing voice of SashaRae purposely juxtaposes the harsh reality that is being spoken about. A story about a warrior going off to do what warriors do, fight. The fighter seems to take the battles in stride and seems to revel in the moments to prove his worth and strength. This song comes as a prelude to the Characters established and stories that would be told throughout the rest of the project.


Written by- Eno Noziroh, Human Being. Vocals- Eno Noziroh, Human Being. Produced by- Verny Mack. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jake Summers.

An Ode to the Iladelphia Temple. This song encompasses everything about a Philadelphia Emcee – Tough, aggressive, in your face, and unapologetic. “Gritty” comes off as an attack, but in reality it’s intended to be more of a defense. “Gritty” allows Eno and Human to defend the essence of the Hip-Hop culture. An anthem for anyone who is apart of the hip-hop culture.



Written by- Eno Noziroh, Human Being, Joe Swisher. Vocals- Eno Noziroh, Human Being, Joe Swisher. Produced by- Verny Mack. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jake Summers.

The first song made after watching the Shakey Dog teaser released online, Eno came up with the chorus and Human was waiting off-hand to wreak havoc. Within the first 48 hrs of watching the video and getting presented the idea of a “Shakey Dog mixtape”, the rough copy of the song was sent to executive producer J. Michael Neal. Needless to say he was ecstatic and more than happy with his decision to give all musical direction, including composition of the original score, to Jake Summers and the entire TMC Records team. Joe Swisher, a very close artist to TMC Records, just so happened to be flying in from California the next week. The idea and song was presented to him and within 20 minutes Joe was in the booth recording the second verse. Moments like this often prove that art, sometimes really is energy; when the vibes are strong, they are universally felt.


Written By- Eno Noziroh, Human Being. Vocals by- Eno Noziroh, Human Being. Produced by- Verny Mack. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jake Summers.

“Secrets”, ironically, was a rather strong track that couldn’t find a home in other projects. We loved the sound, but it had a very specific vibe that only worked when placed alongside similar tracks. Sounding like an ode to one of the 90s other great hip hop super groups – A Tribe Called Quest, the energy surrounding the track seemed to deflate after the passing of Phife, and collectively we felt the track should stay dormant until just the right showcase for it came along. Luckily, Tales From Shaolin was the very thing needed to give this secret a place to shine.

They Shooting

Witten by- Eno Noziroh, Karate Mal. Vocals- Eno Noziroh, Karate Mal. Produced By- Jake Summers. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jake Summers.

Sneak Preview of “They Shoot” from Songs Inspired by Tales From Shaolin from 1193 Productions, LLC. on Vimeo.

A powerful message with verses by both Eno Noziroh and Karate Mal, this song was an attempt to show the cognitive dissonance between the fictionalized violence portrayed in the artistic works Louis A. Moore and J. Michael Neal pay homage to (The Wu Tang Clan, Quentin Tarantino, John Woo, etc.) and the real life violence that threatens Black lives daily. The moment J. Michael Neal first heard the song was captured by producer Jake Summers and turned into the video above. After which, the decision was made to end the record on this grim note as a reality check of sorts. Ultimately the violence in entertainment and the violence around us bleeds together, and when the film stops and real bullets start to fly, we all have to ask deeper questions about how the two intersect.

Ross Ellis 12" 3mm 11073

The album releases on August 19th via Trademark Copyright Records.

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