First Wave of Campaign Incentives Revealed

Tales From Shaolin: Part One – Shakey Dog Campaign Video from 1193 Productions, LLC. on Vimeo.

We are truly proud of the amazing incentives we’ve been able to line up for our crowdfunding campaign, and are honored to give an update on what has been revealed so far. We’ve had a steady string of teases and reveals on our Instagram account and official Facebook page, but now it’s time to put a spotlight on the first wave of campaign rewards! Keep in mind this is just a small portion of the rewards we are offering to those to help us finish Shakey Dog and prove that #BlackDreamsMatter!

Rainbow Alternative Coupon Code


Nicole Krecicki’s Rainbow Alternative, the incredible pop culture apparel site featured countless times on Buzzfeed, is offering an exclusive coupon code for $5 off of a $25 purchase to anyone who receives a Backer Starter Package of above! Browse the amazing handmade 80s and 90s inspired goodies and think about how you’d take advantage of this deal!

Behind the Scenes Videos

Shakey Dog Crew on Superheroes from 1193 Productions, LLC. on Vimeo.

Anyone who has pledged at least $10 to the campaign has received a code for the first two behind the scenes videos we have released. These videos, shot during a chill session with cast and crew, cover a staggering range of topics and show some give hilarious insight into our unique dynamic! We have more in store, including some truly privileged making of footage from studio sessions during the score’s creation, so don’t miss out!

Shakey Dog Crew on Wrestling Memories from 1193 Productions, LLC. on Vimeo.

Limited Edition Storyboard Prints

Autographed copies of multi-talented writer and illustrator Phillip Bastien‘s phenomenal storyboards are being offered via raffle to anyone who pledges for the Standard Edition or above. A special edition bound copy of the complete apartment shootout sequence is being offered with the Executive Producer package.

Tales From Shaolin Series One Trading Cards Designed By Dave Proch


Renowned Philadelphia-based comic artist Dave Proch, perhaps best known for his work on Once Upon a Time Machine and the Eisner-Award winning Locust Moon Press anthology Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream, is designing six illustrations to be used for Series One of our Tales From Shaolin Trading Cards, offered exclusively as incentive rewards for all Standard Edition Backers and above! These Garbage Pale and 90s Marvel inspired cards will also come as a complete set with all pledges above $250!

11 x 17 Movie Poster Designed by REBEL! Sticker Campaign’s Brian Koenig

TaleFromShaolinPoster-V2 1600

The first item we revealed was the official movie poster! Designed by a brand we’ve long admired, this high quality, glossy 11 x 17 poster comes with any Special Edition Backer package or above! Autographed copies are offered with certain incentive levels.

Custom Designed Box of Limited Edition Buttons


This box of pins was just too cool to keep as a limited time offer, and has since been added to the Executive Producer package bundle! Featuring four different button designs including our “Vote Frank” and “Vote Ghost” official campaign pin designs, this box of 200 buttons will be produced in very limited numbers and is the perfect way to show your level of commitment to bringing Shakey Dog to life!

“The Real Hip Hop Blues” T-Shirt by REBEL! Sticker Campaign’s Brian Koenig


Snag this high quality t-shirt designed by Brian Koenig with any incentive package above the Fan Package level. Bearing the 1193 Productions, LLC. “1193-Star” logo on the right arm and Tales From Shaolin title across the chest, this design was made specially for this campaign so supplies will be extremely limited!

Case and Crew Journals Hand-Bound by Kristy Munday


This unique incentive will allow five lucky individuals to get a glimpse deep behind the curtain of our production company and into the minds the people who breath it life! These custom made journals were hand-bound by Philadelphia artist Kristy Munday and are being kept by leads Dominique Antonio Spencer and Stephen Hill as well as cinematographer Matt Heymman, writer and producer J. Michael Neal, and 1193’s own Haftom Khasai.

Series One 1193 Productions, LLC. Business Cards in Wax Sealed Chinese New Years Envelope!

CARDS 1193_1_1-1



When starting the company nearly three years ago, Louis A. Moore and J. Michael Neal had graphic designer Carly Regn make a limited run of business cards. This design would be retired at our next career milestone and a new design would be commissioned, turning business cards into collectibles. The last run of our “Series 1” cards will be included in wax sealed “Thank You” envelops offered in all Fan Packages and above!

And Much, Much More To Come!

We still have a TON more incentives to reveal in the second half of this campaign, including:

  • Exclusive Sanford & Son buttons from Night Owl Design‘s Nicole Weigand!
  • Replica earrings worn in Part One: Shakey Dog designed by Sarah Schwartz of Riot Alliance!
  • Handmade leather coin satchels that will be featured in Part Three of Tales From Shaolin!
  • Print of a painting by 1193 Productions, LLC. collaborator Kristy Munday that will be featured in the second half of Shakey Dog!
  • Unique sticker designs by REBEL! Sticker Campaign!
  • 4×6 Behind the Scenes photographs!
  • Exclusive SnapChats and LiveStreams from set!
  • Tag book of writer, director, and graffiti artist Tony Cruz of Los Banditos Pictures!
  • A one of a kind Tales From Shaolin: Part One – Shakey Dog oil painting by the multi-talented Sam Naumick!

And last but not least…

Music Inspired By Tales From Shaolin Mixtape


Being released by Jake Summers and Eno Noziroh via Trademark Copyright Records later this month, the Music Inspired By Tales From Shaolin mixtape will feature original music recorded by Jake, Eno, Human Being, Verny Mack, and more! A full album reveal will happen later this week, so stay tuned and spread the word!

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