BlackStar Film Festival Week


This week, 1193 Productions, LLC. is set to take the BlackStar Film Festival by surprise! The amazing Marquette Jones is screening the Philadelphia debut of Forgiving Chris Brown, which our own Louis A. Moore was a part of. Tales From Shaolin‘s Stephen Hill will also attend as he presents an award to Vow of Silence director Be Steadwell for Best Experimental Short at this year’s the closing ceremonies. Shakey Dog screenwriter and executive producer J. Michael Neal will also be in attendance as a special guest.

FCB test trailer from Gettcrump on Vimeo.

To take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to meet and greet fellow Black filmmakers and cinephiles in our hometown, we have launched a special event to coincide with the festival. For the duration of this weekend, festival attendees will be able to contribute $5 to our Seed & Spark campaign and receive two of four exclusive, limited edition buttons on the spot! The buttons, designed by J. Michael Neal and manufactured by, will only be available this weekend and are in very limited numbers.


Attendees will also get a chance to contribute $25 and receive an 11 x 17 print of REBEL! Sticker Campaign‘s Tales From Shaolin movie poster as well as one pass to the PRIVATE SCREENING of the COMPLETE Tales From Shaolin: Part One – Shakey Dog when it premieres next year! This package is limited to 25 and ONLY available AT the festival! So spread the word! Ghost is coming to town! See you there!

Tales From Shaolin Part One: “Shakey Dog” (Teaser Trailer) from 1193 Productions, LLC. on Vimeo.

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